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May Minimalist: 30 Day Minimalism Game Review

May Minimalist: 30 Day Minimalism Game Review

My 30 days are up! After seeing a friend post about the 30 day minimalism game I decided to play along as well. You can read more about the challenge itself on my earlier blog post here

Im pretty proud that I made it to the end of the challenge and our home is now 476 items lighter! Read on for my review of the Minimalism Game and whether I’ll be playing again.

Days 1-7: 28 items

The game starts easy. Finding one or seven items is as simple as opening a cupboard and immediately taking out what needs to go. I haven’t had to think about it and already I’m 28 items lighter! Its a small and simple introduction to simplifying your home so if you think you would find decluttering hard this is a good way to start.

This week i said goodbye to a wooden candle block, notebooks, scarves, belts, bracelets and baking trays.

Days 8-14: 77 items

This week I started on my wardrobe as I really wanted it ticked off my list. Much like last week I found the concept of a certain number of items each day really easy. At this stage its quite similar to the ‘one drawer’ method of decluttering where you don’t focus on a room but one drawer/shelf/cupboard at a time.

I was a bit bothered that I found it so easy to purge items from my wardrobe but it did get me doing bits that I often missed like underwear, socks and tights. Why oh why I still had so many pairs of tights I’ll never know!

Days 15-21: 126 items

Days 15-19 were still wardrobe focused!! Again everything has been donated or recycled. I also get rid of some baby clothes- items that will be the wrong size seasonally for our new arrival and a few that wed somehow kept despite them having seen better days.

I think next week is when it’ll start to get a little bit trickier.

Days 22- 28: 175 items

Surprisingly it didn’t get harder in the slightest this week. I had a few more baby items but the majority came from decluttering my bathroom and our medicine/cleaning/junk cupboard. My bathroom drawers was a surprise. The main drawer that I use is pretty pared back but the others,which I thought had a handful of extra things were actually a dumping ground. I had so many samples, makeup from sets that will never be used, multiples of tweezers, nail files. Goodbye to 70 items! The cleaning cupboard- gone went cloths and tea towels that had seen much better days. Gone were very out of date medicines.

Feels so good to have these spaces cleared out with only what we actually need left.

Days 29-31: 90 items

Okay I was so so sure that these last few days would have me scrambling to hit target. Didn’t happen! This week it was goodbye to some scarves, a pair of shoes, 22 out of date food items (so wasteful!), a vase, a lot of books and toddler art supplies.

Minimalist Verdict

I did have two big decluttering projects- my wardrobe and baby stuff- which the challenge helped me to do. My wardrobe in particular had been a lingering task so it was a great push to actually do it. I found the approach of so many items per day made the wardrobe clear out in particular feel super easy and ok to do a little bit each day.

Overall the challenge was such a great prompt to tackle those areas that were needing done. I now have pared back cupboards which Ive been able to better organise.

What did I learn: How easy it is to have to much stuff. I like to think of myself as being organised and not being a fan of clutter but I still managed this challenge with ease. To much ease which was a bit shocking really. My take away is for more focus on quality items and experiences. especially with kids-

Would i do it again: Yes! in fact I may start again this month and keep going until baby arrives. It would be really interesting to see how easy I find it to do another round. I may do it quarterly as a way to routinely ‘sweep’ the house of unneeded items.

Would I recommend it: Yes! Its a super easy method, you can build momentum and so easy to fit into your day.

So would you try a minimalist challenge? Did you play along this month?

Let me know in the comments

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