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Life Lately: Spring 2019

Life Lately: Spring 2019

I really can’t believe that its now almost June. 2019 is flying past at light speed, as one of my friends would say “soon be christmas!’ But first lets see what we got up to this Spring.


April was definitely a month spent in the kitchen. I wanted to try making some new recipes and I pushed myself to try a few things i would normally go ‘oh thats a bit complicated’ or ‘it’ll never work for me’. I can now say that I can make cinnamon rolls, brioche, hot cross buns, vegan brownies and a couple new salad recipes. Check out my post on my new recipe favourites here.

April 4th marked our fourth wedding anniversary. How times flies! We made it out for drinks (well mocktails for me) and a delicious dinner at Yatai, the best Japanese restaurant, and still managed to be home by 9.30pm!!

We hosted several brunches with friends and had visits to meet new babies. We also hosted Easter at our house and we were treated to a gorgeous sunny day for all the family. I got really into the Easter festivities this year, its like a low-key low pressure version of christmas! There were some easter themed craft activities and for the big day itself we made bunny shaped jelly, delicious gluten free lemon sponge cake and even tried hot cross buns. There was an egg hunt for the wee cousins, they painted eggs for the toss -it was such a fun family day.

There were also two big milestones achieved by our daughter: moving to her big girl bed and potty training! She is delighted with her bed and loves getting into it at night which is a relief. Im so glad she mastered potty training. We started it end of March, she lost interest for about a week and then suddenly came back to it and it clicked.


Well our extension plans are very up in the air. Given babys arrival in June, we initially thought we would push back the work to start in September so that we had the first few months at home in peace to adjust to being a family of four, recover from labour etc. After talking it through further we think the better course of action is to wait until next year so work likely would be February-April 2020. The reason to wait is to give baby a dust free home for longer and allow us to have a normal routine, go to classes and have some privacy. the time will fly past with the baby and I would love to keep things as simple as possible rather than us being interrupted with questions. It sucks as we SOO want the work done but overall this will be better for our sanity.

The spare room is now Baby Kerrs nursery! Everything has arrived except for the rocking chair which is due to arrive 5 days before my due date! and I’m working on getting the room together. Although Baby Kerr will sleep in our room for the first six months I wanted to have the nursery done before they arrived and we have even less time on our hands. Also we’ll still be in the space every day for feedings, nappy changes, getting dressed etc and I want it to feel like a nice space.



If you follow me on instagram then you know this month I’ve been doing the Minimalist Challenge (read more about it here) which was perfect timing as I wanted to get the house decluttered once more before we added in all the baby gear. I’ll be posting a full review on the challenge next week but so far its been very interesting and a little too easy to find things to get rid of.

Overall my intention of ‘Simplicity’ is still going strong even amongst being busy. I like tweaking our home organisation and this past week nesting has well and truly hit. my label maker is pretty much attached to me and i’ve made a few more spots in our house super organised. I think i’ll do a post on that very soon. Good foundation before the baby arrives!

So thats our Spring! Next month will be the start of a new chapter for us all once baby arrives- stay tuned for baby arrival and how we handle the transition over the summer.

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