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Life Lately

Life Lately

Seeing as my last blog post was almost two months ago, a little update is definitely in order! Even that was only to announce my pregnancy and explain why I’d been so absent. I wrote this back in January and somehow forgot to hit publish so here’s how this first quarter of 2019 has gone!


If you missed my post the reason for my absence from here is because I’m pregnant! I had a rough first trimester which you can read about here. I just didn’t have the energy to do or write much which I was kinda gutted about as I had some really fun holiday content planned out (guess that’ll hold over to next Christmas at least!). I’m now 28 weeks pregnant and feeling really good. I’m working on a pregnancy update post to go out very soon.

We headed off for some winter sunshine and also our last holiday as a family of three to Dubai a few weeks ago. I’d been once before though that trip involved a lot more relation than this one!! There’s loads to do with little ones and we had a blast-post is in the works! I’m also trying to figure out a babymoon weekend in May, lots of ideas but nothing concrete yet.

In January Penelope saw the ballet for the first time! This was really special to me as I love going to the ballet so it was lovely to share the experience with her. The Scottish Ballet did a children’s performance of Cinderella that was only an hour long including a short interlude with some of the dancers and orchestra to teach them more about the dance and music. Highly recommend this! She was totally thrilled by the experience so we’ve planned some more theatre trips for later this year.


Its been almost nine months since we moved to Aberdeen and are working through our list of things to do with the house. We had our garage redone which doesn’t sound exciting but it was starting to fall apart and was a dumping ground for a lot of stuff from our old place. It now doesnt leak and is organised- though i’d still like to make it a tad more Pinterest worthy!! Speaking of organising, I am currently on a roll with my organising projects round the house and loving having everything in better order. Im a pretty organised person by nature and I’m happier and everything just flows and works easier when its organised you know? Anyway, I’ve so far ticked off the kitchen, utility room and the playroom with Penelopes bedroom and my wardrobe still on the list.

Our house needs an extension which we finally got planning permission for - fingers crossed it can be done before the baby arrives. Speaking of the baby our spare room will need to be turned into a nursery. So excited to create a room for Baby Kerr- that will be a fun project!


Wow what a difference being in my second trimester! As awful as I felt before Christmas I’ve felt pretty normal this year. I want to exercise more which consistently falls off my to do list. I swear our house was cursed with ill health for over a month- multiple ear infections and flu for Penelope, flu for me (despite getting the flu jab!) and of course we alternated weeks being ill so it felt soo much longer! If you follow me on instagram then you know I took a fall a couple weeks ago and really hurt my back trying to save both the toddler and bump. I had physio today so hoping it helps.

As a family we’ve been focusing on eating better although also worked through the christmas chocolate supply! Ive started having a green smoothie every morning- even the little one likes them!- which i do feel better for drinking. For Christmas I got a couple new cookbooks so i’ve been trying out some healthy recipes to add to our repertoire.


If you’ve been reading here a while then you know I love to set intentions. Normally at New Year I get really into making intentions but it didn’t happen this year until about mid January! I like to set a word for the year and for 2019 its Simplicity. Making day to day life easier, an uncluttered and organised home, not overwhelming our schedules that is the kind of simplicity I’m after. Those things are important to me so I think thats where my focus will be this year. With the baby arriving it will definitely be a bit chaotic but I want to focus on keeping life as simple as I can, hence my organising projects and creating better routines. If i get a handle on them now then by summer it should be a habit.

So thats where life has been the first part of 2019. I truly want the next few months to be more ‘on track’ here so expect much more regular posts!

Do you like these types of posts? I think i might start doing these once a month or so to capture all the various goings on.

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