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In the Kitchen: Baking Favourites

In the Kitchen: Baking Favourites

When it comes to spending time in the kitchen I would much rather bake than cook. I’m not sure if its the methodical nature of baking coupled with my sweet tooth that clinches it for me or maybe its making something to share (totally my love language). Whatever it is baking in the kitchen is a favourite activity of mine. Now I am by no means a star baker but i enjoy it and over the past few months I’ve really noticed how much it relaxes me.

Baking is also one of my favourite activities to do with Penelope. You can read more about the joys of being in the kitchen with a toddler in this post I wrote for Natbees. Last month I decided to push myself to make things i wouldn’t normally do or that seem ‘too hard’ or ‘oh my god it takes how long?’ And you know what? None of them were truly as hard as I expected and I felt pretty accomplished and proud of my efforts. So what did i bake: cinnamon rolls, hot cross buns, brioche, soda bread to name a few.

Along the way I discovered a few recipes that are now forever in my arsenal- looking at you cinnamon rolls.

Scroll down for my favourite drool worthy recipes.



File this under surprisingly easy and addictive. seriously once you make these you will want them again and again. I saw this on instagram and spent a couple of weeks convinced it would be to tricky but why not try! I’m so glad i did- well my taste buds are glad, my hips maybe not so much!

You can find the original recipe on Ambitious Kitchen here. I don’t use as much sugar for the filling, maybe half and they still taste deliciously decadent.



If ever I wanted to make something a sunday breakfast tradition waffles would be it. They’re so tasty and quicker to make than pancakes.

I’ve tried a waffle mix but my two favourites that are quick to whip up are an eggless waffle recipe on A Pretty Life in the Suburbs and these yummy buttermilk waffles from Ambitious Kitchen. I have a Cusinart Waffle Maker which is super easy to use and makes four big waffles at a time. I like to have my waffles with blueberries and a generous splash of maple syrup. They keep well for a couple days- just pop them in the toaster on low to reheat and keep them crisp.


Ok this one had me feeling very proud of myself. I made brioche guys! Anyway the recipe I used gives a cakey brioche which honestly I would prefer a more bread like consistency. Again this just seems like it would be too complicated and I had never made bread before but my previous success with the cinnamon rolls gave me the confidence to give it a whirl.


I have a love/hate relationship with gluten free baking as so often bakes don’t turn out either looking or tasting the same as their gluten filed counterparts. Both my father, sister and my mother-in-law are coeliac and I wanted to make them treats they can eat to.

I was so so happy to find this simple victoria sponge recipe that didn’t call for 20 ingredients. Its the Dove Farms sponge recipe, I really like their gluten free flours as they actually work and never produce a weird taste.

We filled it with fresh whipped cream and a very generous spread of lemon curd and decorated it with little lemon curd drops and fresh fruit. This seriously tastes just like regular victoria sponge- my mother-in-law checked it was definitely gluten free about 5 times because it tasted so good! I also made a chocolate version at the weekend- simply replace 50g of flour with 50g cocoa powder- with creme cheese filling and raspberries.


There we have it. I hope this inspires you to try something new. Next on my list of tricky bakes to try is macarons, i’ll post my baking adventures on instagram.

Are you going to try any of these recipes? Let me know if you do in the comments below or on instagram .

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