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Happy Blog Birthday…and a reminder to prioritise yourself

Happy Blog Birthday…and a reminder to prioritise yourself

Happy first birthday to A Scottish Blonde blog!

I cant believe it’s been a year since I hit publish on this blog. How time flies. I wish I had been much more consistent with posting over the past year but I totally let life get in the way of me writing and let my promise of doing this for me completely slide. I looked back at my Instagram posts while working launching this blog and I was so enthused, positive and mostly happy to be working on a project that meant so much.

I feel bad for my former self that I didn’t follow through like I planned to. I would let things get in my way of writing. If I didn’t have a block of time to sit and write then I wouldn’t do it. If I had things to do round the house I didn’t do it. Then my laptop decided to go at snails pace so my limited time became even more limited!

Try as I might to make it work I wasn’t making the most of my time for this. As a mum it’s so easy to put yourself last and so my passion project fell further down the to do list each week.

Whats a girl to do? Well for starters figure out better time management and actually prioritise writing. Ive found a great solution for me- Squarespace mobile app since I usually have my phone in front of me- and I can draft or edit posts on the go (which is how this post got written!) One thing I’ve had to recognise is that I don’t have two or three hour blocks to get creative and that won’t change for a while. Recognising it and getting better at working in short bursts means I can make blogging part of my routine.

What else have I learnt the past year of dipping my toes into the blogging waters?

  1. Doing something for myself is just as important as everything else. have to make the time. As much as it means a lot to me those posts don’t post themselves! So I need to be much more intentional and protect my blog writing time the same as I do for other activities.

  2. Learnt new skills. I set up this site myself, something I am proud of. I have to figure out SEO, photography, creating a content schedule. It’s definitely not perfect but I am learning. These are all skills I can take back to work in some form when I go back.

  3. I want my kids to see me doing something for myself and having an outlet.


As for year two of A Scottish Blonde, expect more consistent posting for starters. A lot more consistent!

Expect a lot more on minimalism, organising, baking, interiors while we get our new home together, motherhood and more. It’s really a reflection of life for me, those are my passions so that’s what I will be sharing.

I would love to grow this space, do some collaborations and get better at photography.

I’m always on Instagram so pop over there and say hi. Let me know what you’d like to read about, any specific organising posts?

thank you for reading along and i hope you continue to do so.

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