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Simple Birthday Celebrations

Simple Birthday Celebrations

September is birthday month for us girls.  Penelope and I have our birthdays a day apart so it’s a celebratory week in our house. Fun fact- Mr Kerr and Ethan have their birthdays the same week in June! we like to double up on celebrations it seems! 

So with all the celebrations I’m realising more and more that I like to keep them simple. Now I love birthdays a lot. I love making a day special but this year I embraced the simplicity and loved it. My husband may read that and laugh but it’s true!  

Yes Ive established a family tradition of wearing birthday party hats, I like to make everybody’s birthdays cakes and put up a happy birthday sign. Maybe a balloon or two.  The birthday person gets to pick what we do during the day and what’s for dinner. So far, so simple. 

Where it can easily get ‘unsimple’ for me is parties. We’re not into showering the kids with a ton of gifts or throwing over the top parties. 

I find it’s so easy to get carried away with ‘just a few things’ which suddenly take up all my time and create stress. Hello Pinterest rabbit hole!! 

The past couple years for Penelope I’ve made decorations, punching out stars and making streamers, prepped craft activities, hung balloon garlands and driven my husband crazy with all my little touches that must be done. 

This year there was ‘meant’ to be a balloon garland, handmade signs and a pretty complicated cake recipe but you know what, I didn’t do it. That isn’t to say that another party won’t include these things but for this year with a newborn and pending relocation , I didn't have the bandwidth for it. 

All she wanted anyway was some cake and friends! 

So my road to simple celebrations is to know your limits. Penelope’s party was small with family & close friends. As much as I’d have loved to invite more of her nursery friends, more kids would have meant way more food prep, coming up with activities & games for them, party bags etc. 

The benefit of these simple celebrations: My to do list was shorter, I had more time that week to hang out with my kids and there was no stress. Isn’t that ideal for everybody?

So let’s keep Birthdays about the person. So tell me how do you celebrate birthdays? Are you going to embrace a little more simplicity? 

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