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Baby, Baby: Third Trimester

Baby, Baby: Third Trimester

Wow I really can’t believe that I am almost at the end of my pregnancy. I’m currently writing this with two weeks left to go but who knows when Baby Kerr will decide to arrive! The only slow part of pregnancy was the first trimester and since then it has gone by so so fast.

Bump watch

I know this may not be a common feeling but I am loving being pregnant. And I especially love having a bump, it makes me feel really good about my body. My bump hasn’t been overly large which certainly helps, I still feel nice getting dressed and haven’t hit ‘beached whale’ mode.

Baby Kerr is a champion mover and kicker which has been a relief as with Penelope I stopped feeling her move for several weeks. Though as lovely and reassuring as it is to feel the baby move, having your insides jabbed and kicked pretty much all day isn’t much fun. A couple of times Ive had to stop eating as the kicking made me feel nauseous.


Since Week 35 I have had pelvis pain which has made going up and down stairs pretty sore. Last week i had a few more tired days but I think that was partly me overdoing things. Yesterday I officially started waddling and my back is starting to get sore as everything moves down. Other than that I do feel great which Im very thankful for.

Cravings at the moment are for ice cold drinks so if you follow me on instagram you’ll have seen chocolate milkshakes becoming part of my daily routine! Ice cubes in all drinks are a favourite but my sweet tooth is settling down which is probably good for my weight gain!!


I’m not yet at the ‘Im over being pregnant’ stage though I am very excited to meet our baby and can’t wait to find out if its a boy or girl. I am definitely pausing to appreciate the time i have to myself because i know that will vanish very soon. This is also likely my last pregnancy so I really want to savour the moment and appreciate my body for what its doing.

Baby Prep

Everything that we needed to purchase has been ticked off. We kept everything from Penelope so it was more new mattresses, a car seat base and some furniture pieces. We haven’t bought any clothes- again we had a ton of neutrals from last time and I’ve boxed up all the girly pieces to either be hung up or donated once baby arrives.

The nursery has been painted and the room is ready. We kept it simple, painting one wall a soft green with some wall stickers and the rest of the room is white. Wardrobe and changing stations are organised. One tip I loved with Penelope and I have bought again are wardrobe dividers. You can buy them in sets from newborn to 2 years and make keeping the hanging clothes organised by size a breeze. Highly recommend.


Ready for labour?

Well the hospital bag is packed and birth plan written. I’m feeling pretty relaxed about the labour experience this time round. I think because it is second time round i actually have a real idea of what it can be like to draw reference from though who knows what it will be like with baby two.

My one concern has been making sure we have care for Penelope, something we obviously didn’t have to think about last time. With the day and time of baby arrival unknown it makes planning kinda tricky, especially as our family doesn’t live in the same city as us. Daytime we’re pretty set with nursery and friends but its more overnight making sure somebody can be here for Penelope waking up or being able to get here early enough so that I don’t end up in hospital on my own!!

Now all thats left to do is relax and savour the moments of our family of three. Baby Kerr we’re ready when you are!

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