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Winter Bucket List

Winter Bucket List

This time of year with so many commitments and lots to get done I think its even more important to set some intentions for the season. Otherwise it can become a blur and you get to January thinking “oh we didn’t do that”. If you missed my Autumn Bucket List, you can check that out here but we did a really good job of ticking almost everything off the list.

So for December through February here is what I am hoping we do.


Wreath Making Class

Something to totally get into the festive spirit! I’ve never made one before but I love the idea plus our one is looking a little weather beaten. I’m going next week with my mum, so it’ll also be a cute thing to do together.

Make mulled wine

Nothing is more christmassy to me than the smell of mulled wine. I mean the taste is great to! I love taking the time to make some on the hob and having the smell fill the house- divine!

Attend a Carole Concert

When I was at school our christmas concert was my favourite event and it really made me feel festive. Nothing beats christmas carols in my book so definitely need to fit this in!

Host a Cocoa and crafting Party

Ok so this is for the kids! I did an Easter party which was really cute and I’ve had on my to-do list ‘host christmas kids party’ so it had to happen. We’re going to have hot chocolate, easy crafts for the toddlers and christmas music on repeat. I’m planning on doing a post about it so keep an eye for that.

Lots of time with Family and Friends

In amongst all the commitments, christmas shopping and new year I want us to get in as much quality time with family and friends as we can. I’d love to host Friendsmas (is that even a thing?) or a pot luck to get as many people together as possible.

Take P to meet Santa

This will be her first time meeting Santa & I’m pretty excited. Last year she fell asleep five minutes before her time slot but I’m sure we’ll be good this time round!

Set goals for 2019

As you’re getting to know I love being intentional so I’m going to set a few goals for 2019 personally. I also want to set a few family ones as well as figure out some fun things to do in the year.

New Year Clear Out

I know, not a very exciting one. That said I love a clean organised home so once all the christmas decorations are away, I hope to make January my month to reorganise the house and clear out what we don’t need. No point holding onto things we don’t want for a new year!


Those are my bucket list items for Winter. Most are in the diary already and the rest I’m working on! You’ll notice I’ve not included to many Christmas themed activities, I’m going to do a separate post on our Holiday traditions in a couple weeks. So look out for that!

Let me know what you want to do over the Winter period in the comments below.

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