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How To End The Year Strong

How To End The Year Strong

Do you set resolutions? Goals for the year? I do. This year I have been committed to fulfilling my new years goal and so far I’m doing pretty well. As we get into the homestretch of 2018 I am refocusing on making the most of the year. Read on for how I’m committing to end the year strong.

What if you committed to living your last 90 days of this year as hard as you are committing to living the first 30 days of the new year? What if instead of a downhill slide into 2019, you are ramping up!
— Rachel Hollis

Doesn’t that sounds great?! I love this concept so much. 90 days doesn’t sound like much but its a quarter of our year! And why end the year on a low and somehow expect yourself to hit the ground running on January 1st? We so often allow this super busy time of the year - hello holiday craziness- to derail our efforts and decide '“its to late”. But by starting to refocus in October by the time the holidays roll round I can be more intentional and should be on track for starting 2019 on a high.

I’m using ‘Last 90 Days’ as a boost to end the year strong. Life can definitely pull you in a million different directions during the year so I like taking a moment to reflect on where I am. I’m not exactly where I wanted to be but I’m definitely not in the same place as I was in January and thats incredible. I’m also not at December 31st either so I have plenty time to course correct or simply double up my efforts on whats going well.

Ways to End the Year Strong

Focus on small wins

If tackling your goal list feels insurmountable pick the one that is most important to you and focus on ticking it off step by step. Or plan to make a few small wins across all of your goals. Whatever you chose to do, any progress is better than no progress at all.

Be Intentional

With this seasons typically busier schedule plan out how to make these goals happen. For example to meet my fitness goal I’ve scheduled all my workouts in my calendar.

Make a list : my friends mock me for always making lists but they work! You’re more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down. Plus if you don’t know where you’re going then you probably wont get there.

Create Accountability

Buddy up with a friend or use your social media platforms to hold yourself accountable. I’m writing about my fitness goals, reading challenge and intentional family life here and in my instagram posts to help stay on track. Why not subscribe to some new instragram accounts or follow hashtags like #last90days

What do you want for 2019?

If you didn’t set any goals but this idea is resonating with you then plan for 2019. What do you want to do or learn? Figure that out and start taking a few steps towards that goal now to build momentum.

Let me know one thing you’re going to do to end the year strong in the comments below

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