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Friday Favourites

Friday Favourites

Happy Friday! I do love a round up series so I had to include one on my blog. This little weekly list is inspired by one of my favourite podcasts, it has a shout out below! Friday Favourites will be a list of what I have been reading, listening, wearing and loving each week so you can get to know me a little better.

So lets see what I’ve been into the past seven days…


My current girl crush and inspiration, Rachel Hollis’ book ‘Girl, Wash Your Face’ . If you haven’t heard of Rachel she has a media company, two podcasts, kids and this book is making serious waves in the personal development space. I’m almost finished and its full of the wisest words from your best friend. I really recommend reading this.


I am a big fan of podcasts. Huge actually. In fact there will likely be a post on my favourite podcasts coming soon! There’s something a bit intimate about them, almost like you’re party to a private conversation. I listen to them in the car, on walks, even at the gym. My first favourite had to be the podcast which inspired this very list, ‘Good To Be Home’. Its by a lovely married couple, Mika and Russ Perry and they discuss marriage, parenting and entrepreneurship. They open with each weeks podcast with this list of weekly loves-though they do eating rather than wearing- and then dive into really personal and honest topics. They’re full of great advice and I binge listen to these all the time.


With the weather now officially in Autumn my favourite item this week is this grey long duster cardigan from Next. It’s cosy, insanely soft and smartens up leggings for the nursery drop off. Its pretty much the only jacket I'm wearing at the moment- love it!


So my last weekly favourite is a nice all encompassing slot for anything else that I’m into each week. This week I am loving Kristin Ess ‘The One’ shampoo and conditioner. Kristin is a celebrity hairstylist and does the hair for Lauren Conrad and Jenna Dewan. Her line is SLS free, has rave reviews and comes in oh so pretty packaging. It finally launched in the UK a few weeks ago -you can buy it from Feel Unique. I’ve been using it for two weeks and I can actually see and feel a difference in my hair plus it smells divine. I’d definitely recommend it.

So those are my favourites this week.

What are you loving this week? Let me know in the comments below

Happy weekend!

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