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Hi, I’m Fiona

Lover of lattes and books, being intentional and busy raising a family.

Why I Work Out

Why I Work Out


Exercise is not something that comes naturally to me. I more often than not got a gym membership, had bursts of being motivated and then never went for months. The usual cycle so many of us do. I kept hoping to make it stick but now I finally have my reason to work out.

About six months ago everything changed. I reached a point where the baby weight I still hadn’t fully shifted had been joined by another five pounds. A consistent routine was always just out of reach and I found out I have a genetic disposition to high cholesterol coupled with a family history of heart problems. Enough was enough.

My reason to work out: I want to be 70 and healthy.

Sounds simple but thats my reason. Even on days I can not be bothered I do it for future me. Like I said I am not a natural gym bunny so it’s small steps for big results.

Within two weeks of moving to Aberdeen we had joined a gym that had a creche. I ran, tried classes and lifted weights. Guys I felt amazing! I also felt unfit but thats ok, better going to the gym and moving than sitting on the sofa.

I’m not an exercise fanatic or expert by a long shot but I’m sharing my fitness ‘journey’ to keep myself accountable.

Look out for posts on my favourite gym clothes and workouts in the future!

So, why do you work out?

New City, New Start

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