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Autumn Skincare

Autumn Skincare


I can honestly say that I didn’t start taking proper care of my skin until I was 31. There was dabbling in buying everything from Clinique but mainly I used cleansing wipes ‘shudder’ and moisturiser. I found beauty counters intimidating if I didn’t already have some information so as not to be badgered into buying everything from one place and I really wanted to feel like i had a skincare routine sorted.

One night up all hours with a teething baby I found the answer to my skincare woes- Caroline Hirons. If you haven’t heard of her she’s one of the beauty and skincare Queens and her site is full of honest reviews and the best cheatsheets including one on routines.

Now my bathroom drawer is well stocked and my skin- even when super tired - always looks great and smells good to! Going into Autumn I’ll be upping the oils and moisturiser - my guru Caroline even has an Autumn skincare cheat sheet and I try to bring my cleansing forward in the evening so my skin gets even longer to soak up all the gorgeous product.


Cleanser: Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm; Oskia Renaissance Cleanising Gel

Toner: Pixi Glow Tonic. A total hero product, the OG of acids

Spray: Jurlique Rosewater Spray A pretty smelling hydration spray

Eye: First Aid Beauty

Serum and Oils: Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair; Mauli Supreme Skin Serum This is definitely an area where products get expensive. These leave your skin plumper and more radiant

Moisturiser: Ren Evercalm Day Cream; Clinque Moisture Surge

Treatment: Sunday Riley Good Genes; Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask Okay again these are on the more expensive side but are well worth it. You don’t need much product so they last for ages and the results are amazing. These are part of my sunday routine or if i’m having a day at home i’ll pop one of these on.

So there you have it! If you’re wavering over spending money on skincare stop and think what you spend on clothes. As a mum who’s always looking to make life a bit easier, having brighter skin means I don’t wear as much makeup which is a total timesaver. Plus you only have one lovely face so why not take care of it.

My final tidbit would be to drink plenty water. Products can only do so much and if you’re dehydrated they won’t produce the same results.

What are some products you swear by?

I’d love to find out in the comments below!

Autumn Bucket List

Autumn Bucket List